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Mumbai & Goa, 2006

Architecture | Film & production | Exhibitions| Installations

It is an independent design studio specialising in the design and creation of built environments, ranging from hospitality and entertainment, to film and production environments, exhibitions, installations, institutional and architectural environments.The Busride is a team of architects, interior and industrial designers, who look for solutions from the macro to the micro, from the slightly mad to the totally insane. More recently, Ayaz heads the studio’s research arm, The Busride Lab based in Goa, which works with Heritage Conservation and Futures Research, at the intersection of Technology, Design and Art.

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Design Studio

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Anish Noone



Ayaz & Zameer Basrai

Co-founders of The Busride Design Studio

AB: B.Des, National Institute of Design

ZB: B.Arch, CEPT, SMArchS, MIT

Zameer is an alumnus of MIT, Ayaz studied at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, but it probably hasn’t hurt that they also come from a family of design people. Their father is an architect, as is Zameer’s wife, Sagarika. Ayaz’s wife ,Tarangini, is an industrial designer.

So family conversations typically revolve around design and architecture. "And our mother is a trousseau packer, so she is also always asking us ‘How is this, and do you like that?’" says Zameer.

The brothers, however, make for ideal sparring partners. "The creative friction always leads to something better, which is very rare," says Ayaz. They’ve even found a way to merge their disciplines.

So Zameer tends to have design inputs, and Ayaz offers pointers on architecture. "Exchanging ideas on a project is crucial," Zameer says. It’s made for a partnership like no other

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They believe in  understanding of age old systems in built form,practice,craft and other forms of cultural output.Maintaining continuums becomes essential in projects to frame in this manner ,so as to create new functionalities and extend the lives and memories of these artefacts of old age beauty.As a studio they are constantly experimenting with ways in which we can engage with the very old, to find the expression in very new.

The Busride Design Studio provide designing solutions from macro to the micro, and looking for engaging solutions for high visibility venue across the country.where as the The Busride Lab explores the intersection between art theory and practice and incubates ideas and experiments for translation into practice.

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Residential | Hospitality | Interiors | Research





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Bombay studio.

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