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The most important thing at studio.fingo is to always negotiate for the greater good, to explore how one can give back.

The function of a building is our key ideology and preventing wastage of space is more important. 

Gender and Feminism,  are the socio-spatial phenomenon that inform the production of the social space. Thus we investigate architecture through a feminist perspective.

We believe in defining Sustainability in the Built Environment through ambient, resilient, efficient and climate response architecture.

Architecture is an ambiance that influences the emotional state of a person, their feelings moods and sensations. Good design to me is one that intends to find feelings rather than forms, where human emotions lie at the heart of its creation.

At our multi disciplinary practice, we want to understand the on-ground realities through the process of research and response, and most importantly, building a connection with the local communities. 

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Existing physical infrastructure which is under-utilized holds a strong potential to be put to careful use. Design and Building decisions should be informed about Why, What and How we want to build. 


Architecture unless built is an intangible process of the mind, it translates into a tangible outcome through the Human touch. 

Good architecture for us is more economically functional and meaningful. Where ability of any system to do the work for which it was intended and its interaction with the user is important. 

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KOSH, believes in a rational approach towards architecture, which is not only a method of problem-solving of technical issues such as function, site, climate, form, organization of spaces etc.

The practice tries to explore different aspects of relationship between human and nature to manifest into the built environment to achieve higher quality of life.