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Pune, 2015

Architecture | Interior Design

Architectural Design Practice setup by Ranjit Wagh and and Amber Dar Wagh in 2015 after almost a decade of experience in various offices, including WOHA and Kerry Hill Architects at Singapore.

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Dar & Wagh

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Amod Shah



Ranjit Wagh

Architect, Partner


B.Arch., CEPT, Ahmedabad.

Worked with WOHA, Singapore for over 5 years and Kerry Hill Architects, Singapore for nearly 5 years.


Amber Dar Wagh

Interior Architect, Partner


School of Interior Design, CEPT, Ahmedabad.

Worked with SJK Architects, Mumbai for about 2 and a half years, and WOHA for more than 7 and a half years





The office believes that the basis of a better-built environment should be its cultural context and appropriate technology resulting out of participatory decision making.

The office aims to produce sound architectural works reflecting culture and climate of a place. At the same time, it is a desire to disseminate information towards a better-built environment using cultural context and appropriate technology.


Issues of ecologically balanced architecture; concerns for water conservation and environmental degradation are at the core of its design principles and will try to address these issues with innovation and in the given contextual frame

All information (text/ image) is sourced from the practice.


Architecture | Interior Design



The office is operated out of an residential building. This was formerly a residence of an Architect.

This is connected to the meeting room and a pantry.

The office has a lounge space, which doubles as a welcome space as well as a place for get-togethers. 


Workstation are in a separate zone along with a dedicated cabin for Partners.

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