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Rajkot, 2003

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The office was established in 1999 in Ahmedabad. From 1999 to 2003, various projects ranging from design of small houses to institution were carried out. From September 2003, both the partners went abroad for post-graduate studies. The office is now operational in Rajkot. 

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Tanvi Dubbewar



Prem Chandavarkar



SPA, Delhi(B.Arch., 1978) and
University of Oregon, USA (M.Arch.,1982)

He is a former Executive Director of Srishti School of Art Design & Technology in Bengaluru. He is an academic advisor and guest faculty at Indian and international colleges of architecture.


Mehul Patel



B.Arch., CEPT, Ahmedabad (2001)

After graduation he spent three formative years at Bijoy Jain & Associates where he got hands-on experience of craft and construction. He is also a visiting faculty at R V college of Architecture and at Ramaiah School of Architecture.
He has been working in CnT Architects from 2005.


A Critical Practice:
Architecture is not merely a problem solving exercise that resolves functional issues. While functional needs must be met, architecture should transcend function. We seek to construct a practice that uses architecture as a means of reflecting on life. Given the inherent human impulse to always aspire towards higher levels of reality, we seek to develop through our architecture propositions about how to live.

The Aesthetics of Absorption:
The test of a good building is not to be judged as much from the impression of the initial view, and should be judged more by whether one can inhabit it for some years and look back on those years with affection. We seek to go beyond an aesthetic of expression and strive for an aesthetic of absorption. Our goal is to construct spatial orders that facilitate a culture of inhabitation.

A Negotiated Practice:
The practice deliberately avoids bringing a predetermined language of expression to any project. We avoid a practice that is dominated by iconic individuals. We look at the site, client, project team, consultants and other collaborators as sources of renewal, and examine each project with fresh eyes. Our goal is to utilise this collaborative approach to focus on the value that can design can capture for each specific project.

Building a Site:
Buildings do not exist in isolation and are always embedded into contexts, and our designs must work towards building that larger context. The first context one must confront is that of nature. We seek to always maximise the relationship between architecture and landscape, and remain acutely aware of the nature of the sites in which we locate our work. We try to design in a way that responds to climate, wind, topography, vegetation, and the physical and cultural features that surround the site.

All information (text/ image) is sourced from the practice.


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