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One of the key differences between academia and practice is authorship. We learn to design as individuals but, in practice, are expected to design in teams.  The aim of this experiment was to identify the impact of multiple design authors/ collaborators on the design process and final outcome. Each student simulated their own design practice and had two other peers joining them as team members. The team lead had a maximum of 15 hours and each of the team members had 30 hours each. Team leads were not allowed to use the team members only as draftspersons. The design project was a Rein Basera [night shelter] in Ahmedabad. 
This was treated as an experiment, and teams were encouraged to structure themselves differently in order to observe the impact of structuring on the final outcome. Extensive discussions and reflections of this experiment informed the second half of the studio. 

Adarsh | Swarna | Varshil 

Anushka | Mehlam | Mathilde 

Mathilde | Mehlam | Ved 

Mehlam | Suyashi | Ved 

Radhika |  Anushka | Mathilde 

Suyashi | Swarna | Adarsh 

Swarna | Radhika | Varshil 

Varshil | Radhika | Anushka

Ved | Adarsh | Suyashi 

Based on the learnings and reflections of the readings, visits and experimental project, the students came up with a series of questions. The questions sought to raise even more critical questions about the nature and manner in which the experiment was conducted, as well as broader, overarching questions regarding ideologies and processes.  

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